Working closely with the San Leandro and the larger Bay Area community to create the best project possible has been our top priority. In the last year, 899 Alvarado has had dozens of meetings with our neighbors, our community partners, and community organizations. Below you will find a couple of letters in support of 899 Alvarado. We are proud of the connections we made within the San Leandro community and our commitment to our neighbors.

We are excited to build a greater San Leandro together.

Filarmonica Artista Amadora de San Leandro (FAASL)

Founded in 1980, Filarmonica Artista Amadora de San Leandro was formed by a group of Portuguese musicians who wanted to enrich their community through music. In the beginning, the band performed mostly for local parades and over the past three decades, FAASL has reached outside of the traditional Portuguese community to find local musicians to perform and bond for the love of music. Their goal remains the same: to enrich our community and spread the joy of music and culture dedicated to inspire, equip and mobilize our youth and community.

You can learn more about FAASL on their website.

“[899 Alvarado] provides growth and opportunity to the local community, creating a variety of housing needs and lifestyles within walking distance to San Leandro’s BART station, publicly accessible amenities and a new and improved conservatory institution to teach our youth the culture through music and education.”

You can read FAASL’s entire endorsement of 899 Alvarado HERE.

San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

The San Leandro Chamber of Commerce’s Mission is to be the source of advocacy, education, and connections for business in San Leandro; to foster a vibrant, smart, and current business climate; to establish San Leandro as a Bay Area economic leader; and to focus on effective interaction with the City of San Leandro to address key budget, revenue and service issues affecting the business and community at large.

You can learn more about the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce on their website.

“We do support the Maximus Real Estate Partners proposed development project. Our city deserves the opportunity to thrive by welcoming this very type of TOD development as envisioned to enhance our city’s growth.”

You can read the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce’s entire endorsement of 899 Alvarado HERE.

San Leandro Improvement Association (SLIA)

San Leandro Improvement Association (SLIA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, was formed in the vision of cooperatively enhancing San Leandro’s downtown area. Their Board of Directors consists of property owners, business owners, residents and community members alike who advocate on behalf of the public’s benefit in the areas of local public safety, public space beautification, economic development, and district identity. Their objective is simple: to build a safe, friendly, and vibrant urban experience, welcoming to all, that will propel Downtown San Leandro into a promising future.

You can learn more about SLIA on their website.

“We […] encourage the City of San Leandro to support and approve this project and to move forward with due speed to increase the new housing in our growing Downtown.”

You can read SLIA’s entire endorsement of 899 Alvarado HERE.

Bay Housing Action Coalition (BayHAC)

BayHAC is a member supported non-profit. They advocate for building new well-designed, well-located housing at all levels of affordability. Formed in 1999, during the first dot-com boom, they’ve been connecting organizations, individuals, decision-makers and business leaders to find constructive solutions for the diverse housing needs of current and future Bay Area residents. BayHAC is a strong alliance of businesses, organizational and individual members who work together to support smart housing policy, transit-oriented development and creative solutions to keeping housing affordable in the Bay Area.

You can learn more about BayHAC on their website.

“[899 Alvarado] contributes to both local and regional goals of creating new homes, well-located near transit in the midst of our regional housing shortage in a locally-appropriate context.”

You can read BayHAC’s entire endorsement of 899 Alvarado HERE.