Homes Over 10-Years in the Making

899 Alvarado was designed in collaboration with San Leandro city officials and meets the goals of the San Leandro TOD Strategy, approved by the City of San Leandro in 2007, the San Leandro 2035 General Plan and Housing Element. 899 Alvarado will not require any exceptions or variances.

  • Zoning: 899 Alvarado is located in the DA-4(S) District in Downtown San Leandro.
  • Height: The maximum allowable building height is 75 feet subject to a Conditional Use Permit. The two buildings which comprise 899 Alvarado are both below the maximum allowable building height.
  • Massing: The DA-4(S) District allows multi-family residential uses with a maximum density of 100 units per acre on parcels of at least 10,000 square feet. An additional density bonus of 20% is allowed if the average unit size of a project is less than 750 square feet. The density bonus allows 899 Alvarado to provide 687 apartment homes.
  • Lot Coverage: In the DA-4(S) District, 100% of the lot may be covered and there are no floor-to-area regulations.
  • Parking: The minimum parking requirement is one (1) parking space per residential unit. 899 Alvarado will meet and exceed this requirement.
San Leandro Community Area Plans
  • San Leandro 2035 General Plan (2016)
  • Downtown San Leandro TOD Strategy (2007)
  • San Leandro Housing Element (2015)
  • San Leandro Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (pending adoption)
  • San Leandro Creek Trail Master Plan (2017)
  • Next Generation Workplace Districts (2013)
Approval and Construction Timeline
  • Community Outreach and Project Refinement: 2018
  • City Approvals: Early 2019
  • Construction Start: Mid 2019